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Winding Roads
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Welcome to my Blog!

This is a place to share feelings and thoughts, of what it is like in dealing with the care of a loved one with dementia. It is a caretakers place to come and share the frustrations and pain, of daily care, as well as, anger and hopelessness in relationship to losing contact with the mind and soul, of a person that still exists. It is a job that unless you have done it, you would not understand the complexities and hardship it lays on caregivers.

This is a place for laughter and tears, a place of learning patience and acceptance,  strength and courage, against a battle that has already been  lost. A way to remain sane in the mist of confusion. Let us share our bad times and good times together and become friends through this process.


Be sure to get in touch so I know you're out there!

Working Through The Sadness Of Dementia